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Lena was visiting a friend at work, in close proximity to one of our help centers, and shared how stressed she was about a possible pregnancy. Her friend encouraged her to come to Caring Network right away. Crying, Lena walked into the center and was able to receive a pregnancy test at once. During her consulting session, she shared that she was worried about the timing of this pregnancy and the implications it would have on her husband and family. She said, “I want to be happy…I am happy, but I’m worried.” She took the pregnancy test and it was positive. Her consultant was able to encourage her on God’s timing and finding strength despite not feeling in control. Lena said that she felt a burden lifted and that she really just needed to talk to someone, outside of her family, who would be “realistic” with her. She said maybe this was supposed to happen and left strengthened in her desire to choose life! Praise God for His perfect timing!

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