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Our pregnancy consultant love to hear from clients who are grateful for the support they’ve received at Caring Network.  Trusting in God that He will transform hearts, Caring Network consultants speak the truth in Christ’s love and pray for each mom they work with.  Laurel is married, but she and her husband were planning on abortion before they came to Caring Network several months ago.  They simply had not thought about the consequences.  Laurel had an ultrasound, and discussed the reality of abortion with her consultant, as well as alternatives.  After that Laurel and her consultant kept in touch, while we at Caring Network prayed.  We all rejoiced when Laurel confirmed that the couple had chosen life!  But her consultant was never sure what impacted their decision the most.  As the date of their child’s birth approached, Laurel reached out to her consultant to say how much their talks had influenced her decision and to express her gratitude.  “Thank you for saving my baby,” she said.  “You are very good at what you do.”  Praise God for this precious child rescued!

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