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Kayla’s Story

“Kayla” came to Caring Network for a pregnancy test. She was already set on abortion when the test was positive. She had lost her parents a few years ago, was currently in school, and so believed there was no way to make this pregnancy work. Her Caring Network pregnancy consultant walked with Kayla through all of the obstacles that she was facing, and focused on being as encouraging and supportive as possible. She offered Kayla an ultrasound, but the young mom declined and left still considering abortion. Her consultant immediately set Kayla up with a prayer partner. It was apparent that although seeds of life were planted, God’s intervention would be needed to help them grow… When her consultant followed up a few days later, she found that Kayla and her boyfriend had decided to parent after all. “We couldn’t do it,” the young mom said of her plan to abort, and expressed her gratitude for the support that made such a difference. 

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