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When she came to Caring Network, Kari was “almost 100%” set on aborting her baby. She recently gave birth and was not ready to have another child so soon. She was distressed and said, “I never thought I’d get an abortion…but being in the situation changes things.” Kari received a pregnancy consultation where she processed her thoughts and emotions surrounding abortion, post-abortion stress, her fears about parenting, and identified what she enjoys about being a mother. When asked how she might feel after an abortion, she cried. Kari also said that she “used to be” a Christian. Her pregnancy consultant shared the gospel with her and encouraged her to seek the Lord’s comfort and guidance. When Kari returned for her ultrasound a week later, she stated her intent was to go through with the abortion. During the ultrasound appointment her consultant affirmed her strengths and capability to parent. Afterwards, she said she would think about it more and talk to the baby’s father. A few days later, Kari reached out and said, “The conversation was hard but it ended really well. We’ve decided to keep our baby! Thank you for thinking of me! You’ve been so great, I’m really glad I’ve been able to talk with you.”

Thank you for helping us serve & support women like Kari!

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