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JoAnne’s Story

“JoAnne” came to Caring Network pregnant, already a mother of two children from a failed marriage. She did not want to have an abortion but was terrified to raise three children as a single mother. Because both her parents and the father of her baby were also pressuring her, JoAnne felt that abortion was the only answer; though she was sure she would regret that decision. The more these outside pressures weighed on her, the more certain she became that there was no way out for her—until she had an ultrasound at Caring Network. 

She was taken by surprise at the picture of her baby and talked with her pregnancy consultant about the ways that other people were influencing her decision. She began to feel more hopeful, and before she left said, “I felt so supported coming here!” When her consultant followed up again, JoAnne had decided against abortion. She decided not to let her current circumstances influence a permanent decision that she would always regret. Both her parents and her baby’s father also became supportive. Now JoAnne has another beautiful baby girl to cherish and feels that her family’s future is bright! 

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