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Erin came to Caring Network pregnant, and well into her second trimester. Her relationship with the baby’s father had ended and she was in a difficult financial situation. As a result, Erin was intending to go through with an abortion despite how far along her pregnancy was. 

After meeting with her Caring Network pregnancy consultant and having an ultrasound, Erin felt challenged, but still determined that abortion was necessary. She had found a distant facility that would discount the procedure and had managed to scrape together the money. Her consultant continued to keep in touch with Erin, letting her know that it was never too late to change her mind and to call if she needed anything. At Caring Network we prayed continually for Erin and her child as she drove several hours to the facility and reached the moment of truth. A short time later, Erin called her consultant to deliver the news that before the procedure, the baby had begun to move intensely. She explained, “The crazy movement hasn’t stopped since! As soon as the baby started moving so much, I realized I couldn’t do it.” 

Praise God for this clear answer to prayer and for the opportunity to be there for Erin when she needed it most!

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