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Ava came to Caring Network feeling unsure about what to do. She already had children to care for and had a difficult past miscarriage. She felt busy and had little support from the father. She told her consultant that she would have an abortion if she was early in the pregnancy. With everything that was going on, she didn’t feel like now was a good time to be pregnant. She took a pregnancy test with us and it was positive. She was so overwhelmed that she didn’t want to discuss her options or take home any information, but she agreed to schedule an ultrasound appointment. When she returned for her scan, she was still not very responsive. Her consultant wasn’t sure where she stood with her decision. After the ultrasound, when her consultant asked about her pregnancy plans, Ava responded with confidence, “I’m going to keep it!” She received information on parenting support and available resources that will help her along the way. We’re so thankful Ava was able to receive the services and support she needed to choose life for her baby! 

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