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Amelia came to Caring Network feeling terrified. She was against abortion, but her boyfriend wanted her to have one. He felt too young to be a dad and didn’t want her to keep the baby. Amelia wanted to stay with her boyfriend, but was personally against having an abortion. She is a Christian and felt that it would affect her relationship with God. She said she “I would regret it the rest of my life,” but would feel more confident to choose life if she had support. Amelia’s pregnancy consultant told her she didn’t have to face this alone. She shared how Caring Network could help including setting her up with a Connections group (a local church group to provide emotional support during her pregnancy). Amelia was excited about the opportunity and was paired with a group. Since then, her boyfriend’s heart has softened and he is now supportive of her choice for life! Her family even extended their support. Praise God for answers to prayer and another life saved!

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