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Alex had just moved to the area to be with her boyfriend. She was nervous and scared about being pregnant, feeling like it was “terrible timing.” She found Caring Network on the internet and came into our new Darien center. She told her pregnancy consultant that she and her boyfriend wanted to keep the baby, but she had no other support in the area. During the session, she shared about her faith, saying that despite having been an atheist in the past, she was now praying a lot and visiting a local church. Her pregnancy consultant shared about the Connections program and how it could provide the emotional and spiritual support Alex needed. She cried, saying that she was very interested in connecting with others this way. Both Alex’s Connections group & pregnancy consultant kept in touch with her throughout her pregnancy, despite her move back home to be closer to family. Recently, Alex welcomed her daughter, Everly, into the world and shared “I’m still nervous all the time… (about) if she’s always okay, but even with constant anxiety, she is very worth it. All in all, I’m just over the moon in love with my tiny girl.” 

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