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Pregnancy Resource Centers are Essential Services for Life

As states are battling legislation over whether abortion is considered an “essential service,” pregnancy resource centers are fulfilling an important calling. Women are facing even more uncertainty and fear as they navigate unplanned pregnancies – financial concerns, job security, worries over the health of themselves or their current children, pressure from friends or family members, and any number of other factors. Pregnancy resource centers provide hope and vital services in the midst of uncertain times.

 Caring Network operates six pregnancy resource centers in the Chicagoland area, bringing free support to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  By offering services including ultrasounds and remote consultations, we can come alongside women in the midst of their pregnancy decision, especially during this difficult season.  Learn more about our work, as well as ways to partner with us today! 

Pregnancy Support is Essential

Although some states are fighting to limit access to abortion at this time, the truth is, unplanned pregnancies are still happening.  Who will stand in the gap to help those who are seeking an abortion or are unsure about their plans?  Pregnancy resource centers provide services such as ultrasounds and impactful information regarding abortion risks and effects.  However, one of the most vital services pregnancy resource centers provide is support!  Women who are facing unplanned pregnancies often feel isolated, overwhelmed, and afraid.  With the additional stress of our current situation, those feelings can seem more amplified.  Where do they turn to for help?  What resources are available to them? The staff at pregnancy resource centers can meet women exactly where they are at and offer them compassionate care and Christ-like love—providing the hope they need at just the right time.

Ultrasound Services are Essential

With the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, along with the limitations in access to some medical services, it’s vitally important pregnancy resource centers continue to offer ultrasound scans.   Ultrasound provides the opportunity for women to learn more about their pregnancy – how far along they are, if the pregnancy is likely to continue, as well as identify early pregnancy risks.  In addition, women are given the chance to see their baby for the first time, helping break down barriers and allowing them to see or even hear their child’s heartbeat.  Ultrasound has been referred to as “the window to the womb,” and is a mom’s first encounter with her unborn child.  This tool has been proven to increase choices for life, as women are impacted by the first glimpse of their baby.

Caring Network has continued to provide vital services through our six pregnancy resource centers during this crisis.  We recently hired a new sonographer, increasing the access to ultrasound services when it is even more imperative.  Our goal is to further expand our medical services, reaching more women and saving more lives.  Will you consider joining with us in this important work?  Partner today through prayer donating diapers and wipes collecting material items , or donating financially .  We can’t do this life-saving work without you!

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