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List of Local Non-Profit Organizations

When a woman chooses life for her baby, it’s the most courageous decision imaginable. Unfortunately, that brave decision often means she may struggle financially and depend on others for vital support for her and her baby.

Imagine you’re a student making a part-time income of $12 per hour, and you discover you’re unexpectedly pregnant. You live on campus and are forced to find new housing. How will you pay $1200 per month in rent? How will you spend $10 per hour on childcare so you can work or attend school? How will you afford diapers, baby supplies, food, utilities, gas, and other living essentials? You can’t.

At Caring Network, we see women in this dilemma every day. Financial barriers are the primary reason women choose abortion — because they can’t find a way to survive and not because they are pro-abortion or don’t want their babies. They feel backed into a corner.

And this is why Caring Network is so grateful for you, your prayer support, and your contributions. It allows us to care for parents before and after they choose life. 

Local Non-Profit Organizations

Government programs are helpful, but they aren’t enough. There can be copious levels of red tape and long waiting times for assistance. Thankfully, organizations exist to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Here are five local non-profit organizations that support life through housing, emotional and practical support, and legal aid.

1.  Glen Ellyn Bible Church Care Center

The Glen Ellyn Bible Church Care Center exists to provide support to the under-resourced in Glen Ellyn and the surrounding towns in an environment of love and dignity.

The Care Center offers guests free meals, groceries, and other much-needed resources.

2.  Jubilee Village

Jubilee Village offers a Christ-centered transitional housing program for single, formerly homeless mothers between the ages of 18 and 24 and their children. The program is designed to holistically address the various needs of its residents, many of whom come with histories of domestic violence and without financial resources or job skills.

Young mothers benefit from wrap-around services, including safe and secure housing, counseling, case management, financial planning, parenting classes, job skills, and mentoring from experienced live-in couples on each floor.

3.  Administer Justice

Administer Justice delivers gospel-centered legal aid clinics led by caring lawyers and a team of volunteers.

Single moms who need help for domestic abuse and custody cases cannot afford good legal counsel, and Administer Justice bridges the gap.

4.  DuPage Habitat for Humanity

Housing is a major crisis point for single moms, and DuPage Habitat for Humanity is working to offer a solution. They build and renovate affordable homes for qualified families.

Habitat homeowners play a hands-on role in the homeownership process with sweat equity hours and attending required financial education and budget-planning classes.

5.  Bridge Communities

Bridge Communities transitions homeless families to self-sufficiency by working with partners to provide mentoring, housing, and supportive services.

They work in partnership with local faith-based and community action groups to provide transitional housing to homeless families who live and work in DuPage County. By working together, Bridge and its Transitional Housing Program Partners offer a comprehensive program to help families get back on their feet.

You Make a Difference

Caring Network is thankful for you and your role in helping us change lives. With your help, we can fulfill our mission and work to honor and glorify Jesus Christ by bringing His love and compassion to abortion-minded women through equipping them to choose life — both physically and spiritually.

You are making a difference. Contact us today if you would like more information about how you can get involved in this life-saving work.

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