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How to Help the Pro Life Movement

The news headlines have not been good. Like many, you watch in disbelief as laws are passed which make it legal to end a human life, even throughout all nine months of pregnancy. You ask yourself, “How did we get here as a nation that we can dehumanize preborn children this way?”

You might feel a prompting to take action, but the issue seems volatile and insurmountable. What can one person do anyway? The good news is that each one of us is one part of the whole body of Christ, and when each one fulfills his or her part, we can accomplish huge kingdom goals together!

You might be wondering how you can make a difference. The exciting thing is that regardless of your phase in life, age, economic background, or physical abilities, there is a way for virtually anyone to get involved! Getting involved with Caring Network is a great place to start!  There are multiple opportunities to engage in work that advances the pro-life movement. Check out our Support page for next steps!



According to Ephesians 6:12, we are in a spiritual battle. We are not battling against people, but against evil, and the target is preborn babies and their mothers.

Since the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective (James 5:16), that means your prayers are invaluable to the pro-life movement! You can pray regularly with your family and friends or organize prayer gatherings with groups of people. If you’d like to pray for specific client needs at Caring Network, email for information on our Prayer Team initiative.

Educate Yourself

Did you know that more than 2,400 babies die each day by abortion in the United States alone? Or that a baby’s heart starts beating just 22 days after fertilization? Education is empowering and can be the key that unlocks apathy. You can educate yourself by researching pro-life websites like Illinois Right to Life , which will equip you with powerful tools.

 Often, the mothers of the preborn are overlooked, but the pro-life movement includes the lives of women as well as babies. Pro-life is pro-woman. Learn about how abortion impacts women and watch your passion and compassion expand even more.

Stay Informed About the Law and Legislation

Legislation against life can sneak in without people being aware of it. So, it’s important to be proactive and stay informed about current legislation. You can do this by subscribing to email lists and legislation alerts.

In addition to staying informed, you can take action. Contact your representatives and encourage them to vote in support of pro-life. You and your friends can send Twitter messages or emails to bill sponsors whenever a pro-life bill is going to be discussed.

Attend Pro-Life Events

Attending pro-life events are a great way to build community with other people who share your passion for life. Community events like golf outings, 5K runs and walks for life are all fun ways to get your friends and family involved in something you care so deeply about.

Give Financially

Pregnancy care centers like Caring Network count on the support of people like you who are eager to support women when they are facing an unintended pregnancy. Donating supply needs and regular, monthly financial giving provides resources and critical services to women seeking our help.

Lastly, here is one more idea about how to get involved in the pro-life movement.

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

If you are in a season in life where you have the ability to share your time and talents, no doubt you will find it incredibly rewarding. Volunteers are a necessary and treasured part of any pregnancy care center. And frankly, we couldn’t operate without you. The dedication and passion that volunteers bring to pregnancy care centers is instrumental to the pro-life movement.

If you feel called to get involved on any level, we would love to hear from you! At Caring Network, we have many volunteer opportunities available to match your unique gifting.  You can learn more about discovering your gifts in the pro-life movement.


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