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How Social Media Can Promote Life 

Social media has become one of the most popular tools for spreading information and awareness. The reach social media has is far greater than any other source of communication in the past. Social media is able to market, inform, entertain, and so much more. This mode of communication has and will continue to have a profound impact on supporting and advocating pro-life causes. Someone can advocate for life on social media by spreading information, promoting services, and building community. 

Caring Network is a pro-life non-profit in the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to reach women who are facing unexpected pregnancies, equipping them with the services and support needed to choose life. We are unable to do this work without the support of our partners and local churches. Raising awareness is a key factor in helping to promote who we are and our vital mission. Follow us today on Facebook & Instagram! 

Positive Aspects of Social Media 

Social media has greatly impacted the way nonprofits can raise support and spread crucial information. It has also become a great way to promote services and products. Statistically, 78% of women and 68% of men use at least one form of social media, and that is the majority of the population. Companies are also able to use social media as a way to view their demographic, then cater to who they are reaching, like expectant mothers.  

Information and news are able to reach people faster than ever and are widely more accessible. With the help of social media, expectant mothers can find the services they need, and others can find volunteer or giving opportunities. 

It is not only a good place to spread information, but also a good place to store it. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more offer a place for individuals, companies, businesses, and nonprofits to keep their information once it is posted. This allows individuals who are interested to go back and see past posts with information, helping them stay both up-to-date and in the loop about past and present changes. 

Lastly, social media builds community. It allows people to stay in touch as well as meet others. More specifically, it can help hurting mothers know they are not alone. While promoting services or information. Mothers and women can find those around them going through similar struggles and decisions. It can serve as a form of encouragement, reminding them there are others like them and that Jesus never forsakes them through life’s challenges.  

Caring Network can’t fulfill our mission to reach more women and save more lives without you! Follow our social media accounts and share our posts with friends and family. To learn more about our life-saving work and our vision to reach women seeking abortion in the state of Illinois, check us out here! 

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