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Get Involved: Answering the Call

Our everyday obligations have the potential to distract us from the blessings of our spiritual lives. Understandably, there are certain tasks or responsibilities we must complete on a daily basis. But do these earthly duties ever interfere with what we owe to God?

Perhaps you have a desire to help people in some way, but you’re not sure if the business of your day will allow it. Finding moments to listen to His voice will open ourselves up to His leading. God has a purpose for each and every one of our lives that often surpasses our limited understanding. Is God prompting you to answer His call or fulfill a certain role?

Here at Caring Network, our staff has been answering God’s call since 1981. By offering evidence-based information and emotional support, we help clients work through the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. We take the time to understand the unique challenges of each individual, working with women to connect them to the vital resources they need. With the blessings of our community, our organization has been able to grow and expand its influence for the cause of life. Contact us now to see how you can serve women and their children by taking part in our mission!

Is God Trying to Call Me Somewhere?

Have you found yourself “rescheduling” God in your life? We’re human, so we’ve all done it. At times, God provides us with an answer to what He needs from us. Instead of listening, we promise Him we’ll respond to Him at a later date. What we have to do presently in our work or home lives can seem more important than taking time to pause and see where God wants us to be. The fast-paced nature of our daily routine can make it hard to slow down and remember the reason we were put here in the first place.

We are all children of God. Each of us is called to serve Him in our own special way. He has so much more in store for us than anything this world can offer, and every one of His creations has been designed to spread the joy of His message in a diverse way.

Is God tugging you in a certain direction? Is He prompting you to answer His call? If you have a desire to do something good that will make a difference in someone’s life, but you’re afraid that you’re too busy, what solution is God presenting?

We all have certain gifts and talents that we can utilize to impact others. Through our perspective, the things we do may not always seem like much. But the ripples we stir up may seem like tsunami waves to someone else. The littlest action, done in a way that embodies God’s grace, can reduce the suffering of another.

Wherever it is that God guides us toward is likely to bring us closer to the people He wants us to reach. We just have to take a moment and listen.

How Can I Answer God’s Call?  

Ephesians 2:10 tells us “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

When we feel God calling us to take on a role, it is always within reason. He knows our strengths, as He is the one who gave them to us, and He knows how he can use us. He has faith that we can handle the tasks He sends our way and carry out His will.

You may wonder how to incorporate God’s calling for you into your busy life. After hearing about women facing an unplanned pregnancy who may be considering abortion, maybe you started thinking about how you can promote the cause of life. But you’re unsure about how you can contribute. This can be a big challenge, but small steps can help you inspire a big change.

You can contribute to a cause in many different ways: through time, donations, and a tender heart that can react to people’s needs and respond with sensitivity. God knows where He wants you to be. That’s why He called you. All He asks of you is that you be receptive to where He intends to place you. And as a child of God, we have the capacity to surrender ourselves to Him and be led.

At Caring Network, we practice Christian living by spreading God’s peace and sharing it with those who need to hear it the most. We trust that God has built us up so we may serve women and help them strengthen their families. Our services, including ultrasounds, options counseling, and practical support, could not be provided without our generous partners. See how you can join our cause to protect life in its most precious form by getting involved with us today.

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