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Dunkirk, the Movie

The blockbuster movie of the summer appears to be Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”. The WWII story of the rescue by sea of an entire British army facing annihilation by the Nazis has captured the hearts of many Americans. 


The facts are simple.  On May 10th, 1940, Hitler ordered a military onslaught on France and Belgium that resulted in the British Army and other Allied soldiers having their backs to the sea and being surrounded by German troops.  Facing certain death, the order was given to attempt an evacuation by sea.  Eight Hundred ships sailed to the coast of France and rescued 338,000 soldiers from the beaches, returning them to Britain.  It is less well known that a week before the rescue, King George VI requested that the following Sunday be observed as a National Day of Prayer, as the country was dealing with the upcoming annihilation of so many troops.  Photographs confirm that many people went to church and congregations and cathedrals were filled with people beseeching God for the deliverance of these troops.  Their prayers were answered, and later that week the miracle of rescue occurred.  What do we learn from this story?  Certainly, the Dunkirk story encourages Christians to pray to our God of rescue.  Caring Network is a ministry devoted to the power of prayer.  Our staff prays for one another, for those we serve, for strength and for wisdom. We know that it is only God who can change a heart bent on abortion. What a blessing to serve in his mission to rescue children and empower moms.



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