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Making a difference in Aurora

Two lives at a time

Abortion hurts Aurora. Since the end of Roe v Wade in 2022, instances of abortion in Illinois have climbed dramatically. Our own community is host to one of the state’s largest abortion facilities – and for too many here, low income and limited support can make a visit there seem like the best choice in an unexpected pregnancy.

But there’s another way.

Caring Network Aurora is a community-led, locally funded clinic of the statewide Caring Network. We’re a Christian nonprofit working to equip more people to choose life – both physical and spiritual. We are neighbors caring for neighbors, born and unborn, honestly and kindly, two hearts at a time.

True choice. Abundant life.

Be here when she’s looking.

Pregnant women searching for abortion information find our clinic’s ads – or they’re referred by friends in the community.

Provide free medical information.

At our clinic, women in a crisis get free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests and more in an environment overseen by genuine medical professionals.

Empower her with loving support.

After a clinic visit, nurses share all options in a judgement-free environment. When patients feel safe, they make better choices. Love and truth shine through.

You make the difference.

Be a financial partner.

Caring Network Aurora receives training and administrative help from a Caring Network – but our clinic is entirely funded by supporters like you.

Attend an event.

Learn more about how God is moving for life in Aurora.

Stay connected.

For regular updates, leave your email in the box below. You’ll get an introductory message right away with more information about our work in Aurora.

    Contact Us

      Caring Network Aurora, NFP

      1200 Roosevelt Rd, Ste 114
      Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


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