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As Access to Abortion Increases, So Must Pregnancy Services

In July, a federal judge in Maryland ruled that the requirement for an in-person appointment to receive a prescription for a medical abortion was unconstitutional. Women no longer have to be seen by a medical professional in advance of receiving the abortion pill. This ruling widens access for women who are early in pregnancy, making the abortion pill easily attainable. 

It’s understandable to feel discouraged by this news. However, in a season where abortion services are becoming more accessible, the same can be said for services at pregnancy resource centers across the country.

Caring Network has six pregnancy resource centers in the Chicagoland area. We meet women with love and compassion in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. By providing free, vital pregnancy services, we offer the information, support, and resources at an important time of need. Partner with us in this life-saving work today!

Increasing Access to Pregnancy Services

With July’s ruling, access to the abortion pill has expanded. Prior to that, there was already an interest in obtaining the abortion pill online. Pro-abortion websites such as “Plan C” promote ways to obtain an abortion by ordering the medications through the internet. To adapt to these changes in demand, pregnancy resource centers have also adjusted their services and online presence.


In the midst of the pandemic, pregnancy centers had to pause services or adjust how they operate. At Caring Network, as well as other centers, we began to offer remote pregnancy consultations. This protected the safety of our staff and clients while offering women the opportunity to receive support and information right away. These consultations were provided over the phone or video. Following the consultation, women received an option for an in-office pregnancy test and ultrasound with our medical team.  This adaptation provided the opportunity for them to access vital services at no cost and in a timely manner.

As we have begun to add on more in-person services, we continue to offer virtual consultation. This allows us to serve women who feel less comfortable coming into a clinic. It also provides us the opportunity to reach women who are outside of our typical service area, granting greater access to pregnancy resources to those who may not have a center near their home.


In this industry, it’s highly important to reach women where they are at. As abortion is more accessible online than ever before, pregnancy services strive to compete. Having a vibrant online presence can mean the difference between life and death. If a woman is searching for abortion services, she may often be met with ads or websites of life-affirming resources as well. Clicking on a pregnancy resource center can provide her with additional services and support in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy. Ultimately, by competing with abortion sites online, pregnancy centers can make an impact for life.

Where Do Pregnancy Services Go From Here?

In a changing world, adapting to cultural shifts plays a huge role in any ministry. The abortion industry is constantly on the move. It’s essential that pregnancy services adjust as well. In the history of pro-life pregnancy centers, at times our shifting approaches have mimicked those of the abortion facilities. However, pregnancy resource centers aren’t meant to be a step behind, following in the strides of our competitors. Instead, we can forge our own ground – setting ourselves apart as the best places for women to receive services and support when facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Join the work of pregnancy centers as we seek to come alongside women in a time of crisis.  Caring Network partners with thousands of individuals and hundreds of churches and community organizations in the DuPage County area to fulfill this significant role and serve women.  We can’t do this work without you! Learn more today about How to Get Involved .



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