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Abortions on the Rise in Illinois

A recent Chicago Tribune article announced that abortion rates in Illinois have gone up almost 10% in one year. One contributing factor is that out-of-state abortions have been on the rise since 2014.

Women from neighboring states with stricter abortion laws have been coming to Illinois for their pregnancy terminations. Also, the ability to cover abortions under tax-payer-funded insurance like Medicaid could be a contributing factor. Overall, this is proving more and more the need for intervention from organizations that can provide alternatives to abortion, helping turn the trend in Illinois towards life.

Caring Network is a group of six pregnancy centers located in the western suburbs of Chicago. By providing free services and compassionate support, we help to empower women to choose life. Our mission is to end the suffering from and desire for abortion in our area. Women need real options that can benefit them, their child, and their families long-term. Caring Network is here to provide just that. Learn more about how to help turn the trend of abortion in Illinois by contacting us today.

Illinois and the “Abortion Oasis”

Through changes in state legislature over the years, Illinois has become a haven for those seeking an abortion. As some surrounding states have adopted more restrictive legislation, Illinois adopted the Reproductive Health Act in 2019, which “established the fundamental right to reproductive health which includes right to use/refuse contraception and the right to continue a pregnancy and give birth or have an abortion.” 

This same year, the Tribune article reports, “more than 7,500 women came from other states to have an abortion in Illinois in 2019, about 16% of all terminated pregnancies that year. This was roughly 2,000 more out-of-state women compared with 2018 when they comprised about 13% of all abortions statewide.” The trend is expected to continue.

Illinois and Medicaid Abortion Coverage

Additionally, Governor Rauner signed HB 40 into effect in 2017 , approving tax-payer-funded abortion through Medicaid. Some abortion clinics in the state began promoting this as an option for low or no-cost abortion. 

For those who may be on Medicaid and struggling financially, abortion could now seem like an easy option for their pregnancy. Thus, impacting the rise in abortion rates statewide. 

It’s important that pro-life organizations and pregnancy resource centers provide services that can help overcome some of the financial obstacles or pressures that women may feel.

How to Reverse the Trend

Pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers in Illinois have a unique opportunity to reverse the trend of abortions. 

As women are traveling from other states, they are searching online for abortion-related terms. By promoting free services online, there is a unique opportunity to reach women right where they are at – offering compassionate care and confidential support.

For those who have financial concerns and may be interested in utilizing tax-funded abortion options, a pregnancy center can offer the first step services a woman needs, also at no cost. A woman can confirm her pregnancy and learn how far along she is through an ultrasound. 

During that appointment, she has a chance to process through her decision with a compassionate, caring pregnancy consultant. She’ll also receive accurate information about her pregnancy and learn more about the life that is growing inside of her. 

This provides a helpful service with no financial obligation while helping to remove the barriers to choosing life.

Caring Network strives to see the abortion rate in Illinois eliminated completely. Our hope is that every woman has what she needs to choose life for her child. Join us in this important work through prayer volunteering , or partnering with us. Help us reach more women and save more lives!



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